RTR Technology Sdn Bhd
RTR Technology Sdn Bhd provides plating specialty in reel-to-reel, barrel, and jigging plating for electronic and semiconductor industries. Headquartered in Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia, we offering electroplating and electroless plating of precious metals on a wide variety of substrate materials with tremendous plating capacity through our facilities. We design and build the most technologically advanced plating equipment and offer our customers the highest quality of plating service at competitive price.
RTR Technology which carries out electroplating of electrical components is committed to TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through meeting customer's and ISO 9001:2015 requirement, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System for the best interest of our customers.
Products Services and Facilities
Coil Plating and Continuous Reel-to-reel Plating Line
Barrel Line
Jigging Line
Our quality control equipment consists of the followings to ensure the quality of our product and services provided are the best.
  • - Fischerscope X-Ray XDLM 237
  • - Bake Oven
  • - Solderbility Pot
  • - Microscope
  • - Titration Lab
  • - Hull Cell
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